Give the Gift of Flight to Friends and Loved Ones with Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

There are few gifts that compare to the gift of a hot air balloon experience. Traversing the expanse of the sky alongside friends and loved ones to share in an epic and monumental event is priceless. For ballooning enthusiasts or simply anyone who may not possess too large a fear of heights, ballooning is an excellent activity. The journey is smooth and peaceful. There is very little sound over the slight din of the operations, whispers of wisps of wind and the conversing of the balloon’s passengers with one another. Participants will have a chance to observe the Windy City from a viewpoint seldom achieved and will be enthralled by the city’s beauty. If you have loved ones or friends you think may appreciate the gift of flight, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of our balloon gift certificates today.

Hot Air Balloon Rides are a Once in a Lifetime Experience!
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The Advantage to Purchasing Ballooning Gift Certificates

When you elect to purchase one of our balloon gift certificates for the chance to present loved ones opportunities to partake in scenic flights in and around Chicago, you’re delivering something unique and original that they won’t easily forget. Beside the epic wonder the enchantment of balloon rides inspire or the stunning scenery. Our gifts of flight offer multiple advantages to their recipients.

  • Make an excellent and unique present to give for gift exchanges during holidays, to celebrate milestones, or as an incentive
  • A two-year validity from the date of purchase
  • May be transferred between locations and persons*
  • Can be used toward the purchase price of a variety of ballooning endeavors*
  • Can be purchased in any increment(s)
  • Purchase as many as you need at one time, no limit on number sold in a single transaction
  • Are redeemable with any affiliated provider within the United States
  • Feature the recipient’s name
  • May be snail mailed to purchaser or recipient or emailed
  • Can easily fit into a greeting card or Christmas stocking

*Small fees may be incurred for transfers between locations. May be used toward final purchase price of private balloon flights and group rides.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride Gift Certificates in Chicago

About Our Ballooning Gift Certificates

The final cost of particular ballooning services is variable and subject to the service provider’s direction as well as numerous factors that could serve to alter the price point. You will want to contact us directly to get detailed pricing for the service your recipient or you as the recipient of a balloon gift are interested in retaining. Additional fees may be incurred for the transfer of hot air balloon gifts between locations and providers. All gift certificates purchased through Balloon Rides Chicago are good for 2 years, and may be transferred between person(s).

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To place an order for gift certificates or to determine if your gift is eligible for holiday pricing for reduced balloon rates, you will want to inquire with customer support. You can easily purchase balloon gifts via credit or debit card and have them be on their way to your recipient in time for the holidays! You can even make reservations for balloon flights while you are on the phone or receive complimentary quotes for specific services.

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