Hot Air Balloon Rides over Elgin!

Experience the Calm, and the Excitement, of Ballooning!

For those who’ve wished to float in the sky, nothing helps realize that desire like a hot air balloon ride.  For the widest selection of options for finding the right balloon company to service the Elgin area, Elgin Balloon Rides is where to start.

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Here’s What Your Hot Air Balloon Adventure Is All About…

Part of RushCube’s American Ballooning Network, Elgin Balloon Rides provides access to the best balloon tours and hot air balloon packages in Chicagoland.

These include private and shared balloon travel, tethered balloons for balloon fests, balloon excursions as team-building exercises, and hot air balloons for Advertising.

The list of packages keeps growing.  And if one balloon company does not offer a specific event or service, we can refer another one that will.

And then there’s the hot air balloon experience itself! You embark on the journey of a lifetime, a hot air balloon ride near the beautiful city of Elgin.

Guided only by the wind, the lifting power of a vivid balloon envelope set against an azure Illinois sky, and the consummate skill of your FAA-certified pilot, you’ll fly near enough to see many memorable sights. The old Victorian homes, the fabled Elgin Watch Company facilities, new government buildings and the award-winning Gail Borden Public Library are just a few of the landmarks you may see.

Whatever you see, you’ll remember the smooth and quiet ride.  Except for an occasional blast from its burners, your hot air balloon will float silently near Elgin, with mere whispers of horns honking, people talking, children laughing and dogs barking, 50 to 1,500 feet below.   

Elgin Hot air Balloon Rides

Elgin Balloon Rides: Best for Hot Air Balloons

Elgin Balloon Rides is your best bet for Hot Air Balloon Tours. Here are five reasons why:

  1. We’re an aviation services referral network.  That means more hot air balloon options, packages and choices for you.
  2. We know the unique requirements of someone who wants to check this off their bucket list versus someone who may want to become a balloon pilot.
  3. We’re receptive to the occasion that determines the balloon travel event.  For example, Wedding and Champagne packages require special planning and treatment.
  4. Our customer care staff is second to none. They are available to help you seven days a week.
  5. Our Gift Certificate program offers a two-year redemption window and multi-location flexibility.

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