B&B Balloon Ride Tours

Bed and Breakfast packages allow couples or families to experience the ultimate R&R experience. Balloon ride tours will add an extra touch of elegance to your weekend getaway!

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Bed, Breakfast, and Balloon Tours are Uniquely Satisfying

What goes great with a hot air balloon ride? The addition of an extended stay at a local B&B complete with comfortable accommodation and great food. Imagine the chance to partake in the stunning landscape of outlying Illinois and enjoying the pleasure of a relaxing getaway on a balloon tour. When you elect to allow us to arrange an impressive bed and breakfast package, you’ll be treated to the opportunity of a lifetime.

Amp up your B&B experience with the addition of a balloon tour
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Bed and Breakfast Balloon Rides in Chicago

The benefits of a bed and breakfast package are never ending

Hot air balloon flights create a euphoria that inspires patrons to return to partake in the adventure repeatedly. There’s not much that can be done to top the experience. Except maybe combine a balloon tour with a stay in a quaint bed and breakfast. From there, the opportunities can morph into a wide array of themed enterprises that not only deliver an amazing feeling and serve to make once in a lifetime journey all the more wonderful.

The entire escapade is an exercise in perfection. Bed and breakfast packages may be reserved in conjunction with wedding, honeymoon or romance flights as well as for corporate opportunities as an incentive trip and for themed ventures like for anniversary celebrations, bridal showers and girls trips, couples getaways or wine tasting tours.

What you can expect from a balloon tour and bed and breakfast package

Just envision yourself climbing into the gondola following the inflation of the massive balloon envelope only to hear the burners fire and you’re ascending into the clouds. From the elevated vantage point, you’ll be able to view the entire expanse of the Chicago skyline as well as see the boats meandering atop the waters of Lake Michigan. This will last for roughly an hour or so and then you’ll descend onto the landing location where you’ll be whisked away to check in at the B&B. There you’ll encounter a level of comfort seldom experienced and have the chance to partake in rest and repose or to tour the local area.

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We can arrange balloon tours withstanding the B&B experience or organize them in conjunction with one another. Different providers may have different time frames for how long your stay will extend. Be advised that the variety of service providers we work with may allow for nuances and alterations in the schedule of activities.

They may require check in at the bed and breakfast prior to the balloon ride, etc. You may also speak to an agent about particulars you would like to have added to your balloon flight or B&B experience. To get detailed information about the various balloon touring packages we can deliver access to and what the B&B schedules permit, contact our agents to speak directly to us.

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