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Captivating and beautiful, hot air balloons are an immediate head-turner. Make the most of your marketing campaign by creating a solid and lasting impression!

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Incorporating Balloon Advertising is a Wise Choice

Uncovering a great advertising opportunity is essential for the promotion of a business, individual or brand. Corporations pay a great deal of money to convey information to consumers regarding their company and brand name and the ways in which it can be advantageous within the consumer’s lives. The money corporations end up spending on a good marketing campaign can be exorbitant and the undertaking to provide adequate exposure of the corporation or its product can be a gamble. This is why it’s imperative business owners and individuals make smart choices so as to guarantee a return on their hefty investment in the advertising of their service or product. Implementing hot air balloons as a means of aerial advertising can only serve to benefit business owners.

Using balloon advertising as a means to get the word out about a business may seem almost archaic in the world of digital marketing. Obviously, if you were to market your product on the internet it could potentially reach more people. Everyone knows this, therefore, the competition you will be up against via the internet will be fiercer. You will need to invest time and resources into making certain your company name remains at the top of browser listings consistently and in doing so you may incur a great deal of expense. Further, it’s time-consuming. There are alternatives, however.

One of which is to use hot air balloon ads. Balloon advertising is more economical and the chance of multiple balloons carrying banners regarding the same service and product isn’t likely to occur. You will essentially have the market cornered on unique advertising ideas and be the only provider of your specific service taking advantage of these aerial advertising opportunities. Yes it’s true you will not reach audiences of global proportions via a hot air balloon, but according to the saying, “slow and steady wins the race”. Perhaps you’ll generate enough interest at less cost to you and then you’ll be financially ready to tackle internet marketing. Balloon Rides Chicago and our affiliates want to be of assistance in these endeavors. Read on to discover more about how balloon advertising can be a beneficial service to you.

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Corporate Balloon Advertising in Chicago

Get Great Marketing Mileage Out of Balloon Advertising

Balloon advertising can serve to benefit business owners, individuals and larger corporations alike in a variety of ways. Take a peek below to see the opportunities you can have access to promote your brand and service via aerial advertising.

Hot air balloons can be spotted from miles away. Your product, company name service or brand will be viewed by people on the ground within a square mile radius of the balloon’s flight path. Or you can incorporate the use of a tethered balloon say for instance at a grand opening or during product promotion. People in the area are certain to take notice of the several stories tall balloon sitting in a parking lot or in front of a business or even at a community event.

Diversity in means of balloon advertising

There are numerous ways you can use balloon advertising to your advantage. You can have a banner created to affix to the balloon, have a customized shaped envelope added representing your advertising color scheme, brand name, or a theme, choose from a variety of colors and add signage. It’s up to you!

You can lease the time of a tethered balloon for marketing flights for patrons of your business or your employees. The balloon will be secured by anchors and a few participants at a time will be elevated no more than 150 feet for a few minutes. This may inspire people to listen to your sales pitch regarding your product, brand and service or to even donate to a particular cause during fundraising campaigns. You can further use these tethered balloon flights as corporate incentives.

We can’t wait to help you start your balloon product promotion process

If you think you may have interest in aerial advertising and the many opportunities it provides to promote your business and service, feel free to contact our agents directly. They can relay important information about the variety of ways in which balloon advertising can serve to benefit you. They are available to start the reservation process or they can deliver a complimentary quote for marketing flight services so you are prepared for how much you’ll be coming out of pocket and the impact it will have budget wise. We’re certain our affiliates can deliver service that will reflect positively on the pursuit to spread the word about you and your business.

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