Determining Factors for Hot Air Balloon Prices

Balloon Rides Chicago and the numerous affiliated balloon operators we work alongside, strive to deliver excellence in service, fun and excitement at competitive hot air balloon prices to our clients. As ballooning packages vary with respect to what each entails, it’s difficult to nail down an exact price point, suffice it to say that pricing is variable. There are numerous factors that serve to influence cost. Most important is in what type of balloon service or balloon flight package you happen to have interest in.

There are private options and within this realm there is still more diversity in options. For example, do you want a private flight that serves the need of no more than two people? Make the addition of romance amenities and the private option featuring engagement or wedding decor and celebratory champagne etc., could end up in a different place price wise than your standard flight with a friend. You may also feel the need to partake in a private flight with a stranger as you are the only one of your friends and loved ones who isn’t terrified of heights.

There are additional options that are vene more varied for group pursuits. Whether you want to participate in a flight with friends, family, or perhaps take associate’s on a team bonding flight. Group options have different elements to consider with pricing as there may be group discounts or the option of splitting the price however many ways which is more economical as well.

Tethered balloon ride prices will alter depending on the time frame you may need them. If they are being utilized for decor to advertise or for rides and with regard to the number of balloons you will require, to name a few. It’s in your best interest to contact our agents. They can work up a complimentary price quote and relay information as to what elements and details will affect the hot air balloon price.

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Balloon Ride Discounts and Specials

Discounts and eligibility for reduction in balloon ride packages

There are numerous occasions on which you may be eligible for hot air balloon price discounts, take a peek below and see if one or some are applicable to you and then contact our agents to see if any terms or conditions apply.

Military Discounts

For members of the Armed Forces, past or present.

Group Discounts

Group flight participants of 4 or more people within the same group.

Holiday Discounts

Various holidays will make the opportunity for special pricing to become available, Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc.

Monthly Discounts

Each month may see an opportunity for affiliates to offer loyal customers balloon packages at reduced prices.

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