The Majesty of a Hot Air Balloon Must be Seen to be Truly Appreciated

A very talented writer could attempt to expound upon just how magnificent seeing a hot air balloon up close is. Even someone with a gift for utilizing descriptive phrases in such a way as to transport readers to a particular space and time won’t be able to do the description justice. You simply have to see it for yourself and it’s certain to take your breath away! This is precisely the reason we established a balloon images gallery so as to demonstrate via hot air balloon photos how vibrant and imposing they are.

The first misnomer occurs with regard to their size which is hard to imagine as most people see them from their elevated perspective floating through the sky. An onlooker would assume they are small when in fact they are several stories tall when the envelope is fully inflated. They are extremely colorful featuring all the hues of a rainbow somewhat resembling a bag of skittles and some have epically cool shaped envelopes.The baskets or gondolas are more spacious than they appear and feature comfortable seating or standing room only. They have padded sides so as to allow for an agreeable and relaxed atmosphere on hot air balloon rides.

Beyond the balloon’s aesthetics are the stunning visuals nature lends in the form of landscapes.On a hot air balloon ride, passengers have a chance to become immersed in the natural surroundings unencumbered as if they were flying freely. Cityscapes that can be spied off in the distance, like the world-famous skyline of Chicago, draw the eye to their massive skyscraper’s shapes jutting upward only to have the very tops of them disappear into cumulus clouds.

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It would be impossible for us to truly convey to our clients how magical hot air balloon flights are, they will simply have to come see for themselves when they allow us to arrange their flights. Until then, we hope they will take a moment to look through our balloon image gallery. Perhaps they will find some inspiration to take flight among the balloon photos we have compiled.

Chicago Balloon Ride Launch
Ballooning Festival near Chicago
Balloon Flights over Chicago Illinois
Hot Air Balloon Inflation in Chicago
Hot Air Balloon Soaring near Chicago
Hot Air Balloon Ride Festival near Chicago
Hot Air Balloon Rides in Chicago
Balloons Soaring over Chicago Illinois
Sunset Balloon Ride Flight in Chicago
Hot Air Balloon Ride Launch in Chicago
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