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Enjoy Team Building with a Magical Hot Air Balloon Ride

Incorporating hot air balloons and the use of team building activities for corporate incentives is a great idea that will serve to not only benefit a business but the people who work within the corporation as well. Hot air ballooning has been said to be healthy emotionally and physically as during the experience passengers have access to purer air and the beauty, peace, and the tranquility one encounters benefit the spirit too.

It’s no wonder businesses implement the use of hot air ballooning into their attempts to more positively affect company morale and further let their employees know how much their hard work and efforts are appreciated.

There are numerous ways in which hot air ballooning can serve to improve workplace relations. Whether management and employees have embarked on team building activities like competitive hot air ballooning or simply in prep of the balloon, shared experiences while in flight serve to establish bonds between teams members. The same can be said for sharing in a celebratory moment following the trip. The experience in its entirety will definitely create multiple opportunities for bosses and colleagues to see where each individual’s strengths lie.

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Hot Air Ballooning Fosters Positive Relationships Among Co-Workers

Your team could partake in a customized competitive event in which multiple teams balloon in an effort to prep the envelope, take flight, navigate with accuracy and land within the designated zone to win. Each team member will serve a purpose in the effort to facilitate the hot air ballooning trip successfully and effectively, demonstrating to management who the natural leaders are and who works well with others.

Four to six person teams will be formed. Various duties will be delegated amongst the team members. Actual in-flight times will vary but will probably consist of up to 60 minutes in-flight while hot air ballooning. The entire exercise may take up to 4 hours from start to fruition so plan accordingly. These timed or competitive team exercises consist of the following:

  • Members will monitor and obtain weather information
  • Map a suitable launch location and develop as a team the coordinates of a predetermined landing zone
  • They will assist the ground crew in the unloading and unfurling of the balloon along with rigging and inflating the envelope
  • They will assume responsibility for navigating the balloon by mapping a coordinated flight path to the best of their ability
  • They will be responsible for monitoring fuel consumption
  • They will make an attempt to land as close to the predetermined location as possible
  • They will partake in a celebratory moment after landing successfully
  • Assist with disassembling and stowing the balloon

Then there is the simple and straightforward hot air ballooning experience that may be used as corporate incentive. For example, you could give away a hot air ballooning adventure to a top sales associate, present it as a gift to retirees or for promotions or even lease a tethered hot air balloon as a feature at company events. For picnics and functions tethered balloons will allow for participants, which may be employees and the families, to experience brief rides in the hot air balloon while it’s safely anchored.

These efforts foster numerous interactions amongst employees with one another and between bosses and subordinates. Hot air ballooning as a team stimulates the following between coworkers: improved communication skills, development of social interactions to hone one’s people skills, builds confidence, helps to foster organizational capabilities, helps to create an atmosphere of the team as a solitary unit all pursuing a single objective which is to work harder, more effectively and to remain cohesive. It further serves to establish more positive relations between management and their juniors by creating a dialogue, to solidify purposes, intents and goals, stimulates productivity, signifies to management wherein individual strengths lie and brings character issues to light that could negatively affect overall performances.

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Overall, hot air ballooning for the expressed purpose of corporate incentive or team bonding is an opportunity that positively reflects upon business and corporations as a whole. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents to start the reservations process for your team building activity today. There’s no better time than the present to improve relations within the workplace.

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