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Tethered Rides and Moored Balloons: Always an Asset

The addition of a tethered balloon or multiple tethered balloons to an event or celebration can only serve to amp up the fun factor. Tethered balloons are aircraft that are anchored securely to stay in place and can be used as a vibrant backdrop for photos to promote products or to facilitate brief tethered rides for lucky participants. The rides are safe for people of all ages and can enhance the experience of attendees while partaking in numerous events. Businesses can make the most of tethered balloons by incorporating them in product launches or marketing campaigns.

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Tethered Balloon Rides in Chicago Illinois

Benefits and Uses of Tethered Balloon Rides

There are numerous opportunities during which a tethered ride can serve to uplift the participants spirits and literally lift them up. Take advantage of captive balloons for the following reasons or celebrations:

Grand Openings

Product Promos/Launches

Corporate Events

School/Church Events

Private Parties

Festivals/Organized Functions

Tethered Balloon Specifications

The captive balloons utilized are anywhere between 50 and 90 feet tall or several stories with a general circumference of roughly 50-60 feet and have gondolas or baskets attached that participants can ride in. The process involved in a tethered ride is as follows. The captive balloon will be anchored at 3 to 4 points to stationary objects so as to keep it in place. Participants will be allowed to board the balloon, generally, 2 to 4 people at a time, the combined weight of the passengers for each lift will determine how many people can ride at each time. The tethered ride will be elevated to roughly 75 feet sometimes a little more but will not exceed 125 feet. The elevation is based upon pilot’s discretion as wind and weather are factors in determining a safe altitude. If there are inclement conditions within 5 miles of the tethered ride’s location, the balloon may not be lifted. Pilots monitor the weather in the days leading up to events that feature tethered rides. The ride itself lasts approximately a few minutes. Any attendee in reasonably good health may partake in tethered balloon rides, and there are no age restrictions. Area sufficient for safe and effective anchoring and rides will need feature the following:

  • A 200’ square area unobstructed by power lines or structures that could impede safe tethered rides
  • Level area free of debris or impediments such slippery solutions and gravel
  • Area must be able to be accessed by vehicle to move equipment safely
  • Locations that provide protection from the wind would be most suitable
  • Preferred time frames would permit tethered balloon flight in the early hours or later so as to avoid the gustiest portions of the day.
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