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Romance for Days

If you happen to be in search of the most romantic and impressive location to recite your vows to the love of your life, why not do so thousands of feet in the air? We can arrange for you and your partner to express your undying affection for one another while gracefully gliding across the horizon on a wedding balloon flight!

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Endless Opportunities for Romance in Hot Air Balloons

Exclusive rides in our affiliate’s balloons provide an ideal setting for every variety of romantic gesture to occur. In fact, flight in a hot air balloon, surrounded by the clouds with the sun setting in the background may inspire events to occur you may not have even planned for. Regardless of if your attempts at igniting a spark were premeditated or simply spur of the moment, an exclusive balloon charter is sure to incite feelings of excitement and passion.

Hot Air Balloon Proposals

Let them know how special they are

There’s no better way to convey to someone who’s won your heart just how much you prefer them above all others than to make arrangements for a hot air balloon engagement. Not only will your special someone be thrilled with the prospect of floating amongst the clouds, they will never forget the moment you asked for their hand while drifting across the horizon’s expanse.

We can orchestrate for the addition of a champagne toast and the opportunity for you to take photos while ensconced in the balloon’s basket as well as alongside the balloon while tethered. You’re guaranteed a yes in response to popping the question when you plan a hot air balloon engagement.

Wedding Balloon Flights

Plan the most fabulous wedding ever

We all know that part of the wedding process is to not only plan your wedding featuring all the details and intricacies that appeal to you and your partner but to also deliver to your guests the wedding to end all weddings. You want to give them something to talk about for years to come and you want your affair to be the one everyone considers the gold standard when drawing comparisons. We can help in that endeavor.

Arrange to have your nuptials performed in a wedding balloon. You can arrange for a variety of different ways in which to recite your vows and add your personal touches to the ceremony too. And following the ‘I do’s’ you can even have the wedding balloon around to allow your bridal party and guests to create amazing photo ops alongside the balloon. The possible ways in which you can plan for your wedding to stand out from all the others and be the most beautiful and unique ever are endless in hot air balloons.

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Let us help you arrange your hot air balloon charter for your wedding in Chicago!

Wedding Day Hot Air Balloons Chicago

Inside the wedding balloon

This may include you and your partner and the officiant or even other members of the bridal party. You may engage the use of multiple balloons if you’d like to have the bridal party or loved ones in flight while you recite your vows. Following the ceremony, details can be customized to include champagne toasts and snacks amongst other beverages. Some providers may even have more options available with respect to customizing the actual balloon, like choices in color or shape. You may additionally arrange for a photographer to accompany you to have professional photos made while in flight. You can take advantage of the natural light and the beauty of the sunset or daybreak in the background to create stunning images and memories that last a lifetime.

Incorporate tethered balloons

Make the addition of a tethered balloon to your wedding decor. You and your special someone may arrange to partake in your ceremony with the tethered balloon(s) in the background with its towering envelope creating an eye-catching altar of sorts. You may also use the tethered wedding balloons throughout the cocktail hour or reception for guests to take photos alongside, you can even use them to make for impactful and unique wedding photos of the wedding party. Envelopes may be customized with respect to color and shape, make certain to inquire with our agents to find out what customizations are available to you.

Make a grand entrance

A lot of the ways in which couples choose to stand out is to make a huge impact on guests when they enter their receptions. You may arrange for wedding balloons to help in this as well. Just envision the look on your attendee’s faces when the newly married Mr and Mrs descend from the heavens to the delight and awe of family and friends.

Fly away in a hot air balloon

Make your escape alongside your new spouse when you take off following the reception on an exclusive ride. Onlookers will be enraptured watching you ascend into the sky while you wave goodbye looking regal in your wedding attire and fly off to start your new life together.

Make your ceremony uniquely brilliant with wedding balloon flights
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Chicago Wedding Balloon Rides

Add a Personal Touch to Your Big Day

The ways in which a wedding balloon can be incorporated into your event are too numerous to mention. As are the number of customization and personal touches we can arrange for service providers to deliver to make you feel special on your big day. You can have champagne toasts to celebrate the new couple, you may rent tethered balloons to create a stunning backdrop, you may make the addition of signage and request a particular color of balloon or unique shape, and the list goes on. You will want to check with your provider as well as the venue you have selected to make certain all of the details you have dreamt off can be accommodated. Then contact our agents, set the date and live happily ever after!

Take Your Wedding to the Highest Heights

The opportunities for ways in which we can help to make your wedding an affair to remember are limitless. We can also help to arrange for you to get the point of marriage by the preparation of a hot air balloon engagement or a chance to see the city lights on date night ride to get them interested in you in the first place. We can help to orchestrate the tiny details that exemplify your personality, from unique wedding photo ops featuring wedding balloons and champagne toasts hundreds of feet above ground. Take a minute to call our agents to get detailed information about wedding balloons and how they can take your wedding ceremony to new heights.

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