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Imagine yourself drifting over the landscape at sunset in a magical hot air balloon. Balloon rides are a thrilling way to see your world in a whole new light. Share a ride with one special person or a group.

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Hot air balloons were made famous in movies like Disney’s “Up” and inspire childlike awe in all of us. Seeing a giant balloon up close for the first time is something you will never forget.

You may want to share the experience with friends. Shared balloon tours or rides are available for groups with as  many as 12 people. Private balloon rides inspire romance. Ask about champagne balloons.

Companies use hot air balloons for marketing purposes. One photo posted on social media of the big beautiful balloon will have folks flocking to your location to check it out. This does not even take foot traffic into account. And just think, all those photos posted on the internet will contain your signage or logo.

Tethered hot air balloon rides are available through a balloon company for specific events, such as festivals and weddings. In this scenario, the balloon remains tied to the ground and participants are invited to take a short ride for a real balloon travel experience. Tethering allows everyone to participate since the balloon is grounded and therefore less intimidating for some people.

Perhaps you want to give the experience of a balloon ride to a friend. Gift certificates are available for both private and group rides. Group and holiday discounts are available.

Naperville Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Hot air balloon rides are simultaneously both exciting and peaceful. It is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, both young and old.

Have you attended a balloon fest or have you perhaps seen a hot air balloon in mid-flight? Did it create a yearning to fly? We understand! At Naperville Balloon Rides, we are fans of hot air ballooning, too.

If taking this aerial balloon ride is something you’ve decided to check off your bucket list, experienced FAA certified pilots will make your experience perfect. Seamless ascents and landings and smooth rides are the hallmark of true professionals. RushCube’s American Ballooning Network is your trusted source.

Our balloon company provides easy access in Naperville to this once in a lifetime adventure! Friendly customer service professionals will assist you every step of the way. Call for information about romantic balloon rides for two, group outings, corporate events or gifts certificates. Your concerns will always be addressed in by a courteous, informed human being on the other end of the phone who shares your love of hot air ballooning!

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